Why you should install under counter lighting

Why you should install under counter lighting

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If you’re remodeling or modernizing your kitchen, you’ve thought about putting it under cabinet lighting. This form of lighting can be pretty helpful for everyday use and help increase the overall value of your property. Before you can adequately decide if under cabinet lighting is the ideal answer for your kitchen, it’s a good idea to become acquainted with what it is, the numerous alternatives available, and the various benefits you may receive after installing it.

What Exactly Is Under Cabinet Lighting?

Under-cabinet lighting is exactly what it sounds like: a light fixture installed immediately beneath your cabinets. This implies that you won’t have to worry about the lights being blocked when employing perimeter countertops if you have this form of lighting. Under-cabinet lighting not only improves the efficiency of your kitchen activities but also gives depth to the room. Under-cabinet lighting is a helpful addition to any kitchen, and there are a variety of alternatives to select from.

Under Cabinet Lighting Styles

When considering adding under cabinet lighting, you should explore the various options available. There is an extensive range of electrical options, formats, and light types on the market, making customization enjoyable and straightforward.

Electrical Alternatives: When it comes to under-cabinet lighting, you have a few different options to select from. You have the option of installing hardwired, plug-in, or battery-powered under-cabinet lights.

Hard-Wired – These lights can be turned on using an existing switch, but they are also the most expensive option.

Plug-in – There will be a switch on the light bar or pucks themselves, which will result in a low cost.

Formats: Before you commit to this project, you should consider which lighting format will benefit you the best. The two most frequent formats to select are bar and puck.

Lightbars are rectangular and cast light over a broader region.

Pucks are small, round objects that focus light into a smaller area.

Types of Light: You must also decide what sort of light you wish to employ. LED, incandescent light, and halogen bulbs are among the options. Each of the three types of bulbs has its own set of advantages. However, there is little doubt that LED provides the most advantages. Whatever you choose, it is up to you to determine what will work best in your kitchen.

Because there are several possibilities, you can select the style of under-counter light that is best suited to your room and budget. The style of under cabinet lighting you select will have its advantages, but some advantages outweigh the light style.

 Advantages of Under Cabinet Lighting

If you’re still debating whether to invest the time and money in this form of house lighting, here are a few reasons why you should.

Reduce Your Energy Bill:

Under-cabinet lighting can help you save money on your energy bill, mainly if you use an LED light fixture. It has the potential to save money because you don’t have to light up the entire room to get a little light on the counters below.

Easy to Install:

Another evident advantage of under cabinet lights is their ease of configuration and installation. Even if you aren’t in the midst of a kitchen renovation, installing this form of lighting isn’t a challenging task. Unlike pendant or recessed lighting, which may require expert installation, some under cabinet lighting choices simply require that you screw or nail a strip of light beneath your cabinets and plug it in.

Fewer shadows:

There will be few shadows to contend with because you are not standing between the light and the counter. Shadows can make it challenging to cook and prepare meals, so having appropriate lighting is essential.

Because of the layered nature of the lights, under cabinet lighting can also provide a unique design to your kitchen. Having a distinct and modern style in your kitchen can increase the value of your property.

Easy on the Budget:

Because you can install them yourself and there are so many different variations to select from, under cabinet light fixtures can also be accessible on the budget. Battery-powered fixtures are typically the most cost-effective alternative.

Improve Interior Value:

Under-cabinet lighting can improve the appearance of a place. This means that if properly installed, this form of lighting may make a room shine. This is one of the most straightforward DIY projects that real estate consultants recommend for rapidly increasing the value of your property.

Consult with A Lighting Expert

If you are still not persuaded that the benefits of under cabinet lighting are worthy and will improve your home decor, you may consult with a professional about how they can be installed in your home. Whether you go to your local home improvement store, consult with a contractor, or contact your favorite internet lighting specialists.

You must consider all of the considerations while considering if this update is good for you. First, examine why you are contemplating under cabinet lighting for your kitchen. Do you want to add another lighting feature to your kitchen to help you reduce shadows and make it more appealing?

Under-cabinet lighting may be the ideal option for you in this instance.

Are you thinking of adding more lighting to your kitchen to make it safer?

If this is the case, putting lights just beneath your cabinets will give you a clear view of the counters below. This reduces the likelihood of inadvertently nicking your finger while cutting vegetables and preparing meals.

They can also illuminate the floor, which can assist you in staying awake at night. An expert can also assist you in selecting the optimum bulb for your needs. Suppose you are afraid that a particular type of bulb or “color temperature” could irritate your sensitive eyes. In that case, a professional can ensure your safety and assist you in making the necessary adjustments.

Are you thinking about putting under cabinet lighting for the sake of style?

This is an entirely valid reason to install this type of lighting, as it is pretty popular and will almost certainly add some value to your property when you sell it. This lighting style is recognized to provide a distinct lighting depth and character to your kitchen. It can make the kitchen appear more significant since it brings light to regions that may not have previously received it.

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