Dangers of Not Having Proper GFCI Protection- Watkinsville and Athens

The Dangers Of Not Having Proper GFCI Protection In Your Home Or Business


We do a great big deal of service work in the Oconee and Clarke County areas and one of the issues that come up all the time is GFCI protection. I’m sure most home owners in Watkinsville, Bishop and surrounding areas I have heard of the term but simply don’t know why and how it works.

The difference between GFCIs and AFCIs

What’s the difference between AFCIs and GFCIs? Well, each has their own unique feature that makes them both important. How so? As previously discussed in this article about safety, AFCI help prevent fire hazards caused by arcing faults in damaged or deteriorated wires and cords. But when it comes to electrical-shock hazards where a person can be seriously injured from an electric shock due to ground fault current coming into contact with water on dry surfaces (which is what happens most often), that’s where GFCIs play an important role!

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GFCIs have saved thousands of people from an untimely death and are a must-have for any household. By sensing when current is leaking to the ground, GFCI’s can save you in dire situations by shutting off power before it has time to do harm.

The Pain of an Electric Shock

The pain of an electric shock is nothing compared to the danger. The moment a bare wire touches its metal case, sending electricity through your entire body and down into the ground below you- it can lead to serious injury or death. It only takes one touch for this shocking experience: if both parts are charged with electrical current from either different sources or even just one point on their own respective objects (such as touching an appliance while standing next to a grounded faucet) then anything could happen!

If you ever experienced being shocked before, most likely that was because part of your body contacted some sort of electrical current in order provide power; which leads not only inflict intense physical pain but also sometimes bodily harm depending how powerful said charge may be.


GFCIs are devices that provide a layer of protection from electricity. When the GFCI detects any difference in electrical current, it quickly cuts off power before harm can be done to you or your electronics nearby. For example, if water gets near an outlet and starts leaking onto its blades; this will create a change in voltage and immediately cut-off all electric flow to prevent injury. It is important for homeowners with outdoor pools or gardens not only install these units outdoors but also make sure they’re installed close enough so as soon as one device kicks on – others automatically follow suit!

A good way to protect yourself against potential accidents while working around wiring outlets would be by installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).


Having GFCIs in your home is an important way to keep you and your family safe when it comes to the dangers of electric shock.


GFCI protection is a must.

Many of the homes we service in Athens, Watkinsville and Surrounding areas that were built prior to the 1980’s were not installed with proper GFCI’s. These are one of the few things along with whole house surge protectors (you can read more about that here and take advantage of a huge discount). But it’s very important for you and your family’s safety to have these installed in the required location. Water and Electricity simply don’t mix and when it does death can occur.

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