The Importance of Protecting Your Home With A Whole House Surge Protection Device

Why having a whole house surge protection device install in your home is one of the best cost effective investments you can do.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important things to consider when building a home. The average homeowner spends about $2,000 annually on electricity bills with an additional $1,000 spent on water heating and cooling. Fortunately for homeowners who want to cut their energy costs without sacrificing convenience or comfort there’s a simple solution: whole house surge protection devices. Whole house surge protection devices provide voltage spikes that can range from 10kv – 30kv and are designed to protect sensitive electronics like computers, televisions, refrigerators and more. Here are five benefits of installing these modern marvels in your home today!

Surge protection devices absorbs external voltage spikes caused by Lightning storms and internal surges caused from common appliances.

– whole house surge protection devices are the most effective way to protect against power surges and spikes.

whole house surge protection saves on your energy bill by preventing voltage spikes from reaching circuits, thereby reducing utility costs.

-some home owners insurance companies even offer discounted rates on insurance premiums

Whole House Surge Protection Watkinsville Ga and Athens

To demonstrate how important these devices are to have installed in your home I’m going to give a real life example. We received a call from a local Watkinsville home owner to come and access the damage done by a severe storm. The storm destroyed several arc vault breakers, GFCI’s and LED bulbs. It could have been much worse…but the amount of damage did not quite reach their insurance deductible which meant they had to come out of pocket to replace these items.

If these Watkinsville home owners would have had one of these devices installed then it would have saved them $805 which was the cost of labor and material to replace these items.

We were able to install a whole house surge protection device which only cost a lot less. Sounds like a no brainer.