Up Front Pricing

You’ll receive a firm written proposal and written change orders as they happen to ensure that you never spend a dime you weren’t expecting. All prices are clear and concise and communicated in advance… eliminating all the unpleasant surprises and disagreements that unfortunately plague this industry.

90% of the time we are able to give an estimated quote before even coming to the job.

A few pictures and a few questions can be all we need to provide an accurate quote. 9 out of 10 times that price never changes. 

This gives you that peace of mind that you know what you will be paying. Most local electrical contractors will charge a service fee of $125 or more just to come out..Then they will quote the job adding parts and labor.  I’m sorry I would not want anyone doing this to me. So you know what? I don’t do it to others. Plain and Simple. 

Simply send me a text to 770-584-6186 with a few pictures that would help with the quoting process and we may can get you a quote on the same day if not within minutes.